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Instead of making $2,183 in commissions…
Now you’re making $10,937 in commissions…
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Now you’re making $62,981 in commissions.
Would you call that a “magic commission video”?
This Is My Son, Greg
Not long ago, Greg was a forklift operator and got in a near fatal accident (according to his mam).

So, I vowed to show him the fastest way I know to become a super affiliate–Commission Videos.

Here’s what happened when he plugged in his Commission Video.

Greg Brought In $2,153 in Commissions From A Tiny Bit of Traffic… Just 395 Clicks!
Industry standard conversion rate is 1%.

Look at Greg’s conversion rate–24%!

Now check this out.

$1 per click is normally considered “good”, but with Commission Videos, Greg made $5.46!

Commission Videos Made 5X The Cash 

Everyone Else Is Making!

Now, at this point, Greg started gaining some momentum.

Here he made $10,823 in commissions from 2,311 clicks.

$4.68 Earnings Per Click and 17% Conversion Rate this time.

All from Commission Videos.

Imagine Plugging In Your New Commission Video And Making Up To… 5X Times More Commissions INSTANTLY
If you had your own Commission Video, then you could plug it in on thank you pages…
  • Plug it in on blog posts.
  • Plug it in Facebook pages.
  • Plug it in, plug it in, plug it in. Anywhere you want.
And watch your traffic make you more money just with that one change.
Tiny List? Tiny Traffic? No Problem!
Listen. It doesn’t matter whether you can drive just a little traffic or a whole marching army of website visitors…

As I proved to you in the screenshots above, you’re simply leaving money on the table if you aren’t using Commission Videos… even if you don’t have much traffic firepower.

Think about it.
  • You could mail it to your EMAIL LIST.
  • You could put it on YOUTUBE.
  • You could stream on ZOOM.
The Major Problem You Will Run Into If You Try To Do This By Yourself
Now, Greg and I could teach you how to make your own Commission Videos…
  • You would have to be very comfortable with getting on video.
  • ​You would have to become an expert at video recording and editing.
  • ​You would have to familiarize yourself with certain products so you could record your own Commission Videos.
My guess is…
You Don’t Want To Create Commission Videos Yourself… You Just Want Them Done For You
  • It would take too much time to learn.
  • It would cost too much for all the video tools.
  • ​It would be a giant pain.
So what we’ve done is made it easy and painless for you.
Now You Can Have Your Own Commission Video… Instantly
  • Without ever getting ON VIDEO…
  • Without ever knowing how to record videos…
  • Without having a “techie” bone in your body...
  • ​Without becoming a “big name” guru…
  • ​Without doing anything outside of your comfort zone.
Because we are going to hand you a tested and proven Commission Video that you can use anywhere on your website and social media.

Everyone Else Is Losing Money,
As YOU Are Losing Money, Because They Have No Clue About Commission Videos
There’s a reason why you haven’t heard about Commission Videos until now.

No one even knows they exist!

Yet you’re going to own one…
  • Without doing any of the work…
  • Without staring at a computer screen and learning for hours how to do this…
  • Without recording even 10 seconds of video yourself.

The Commission Video You’re Getting Right Now–To

Plug In Anywhere Your Little Heart Desires–Is One That

Made Greg Thousands Of Dollars

These Commission Videos are all about the McCarthy Family Legacy, you see.

And here’s the thing about that.

There aren’t too many people making it online… especially when they don’t know anything about Commission Videos.

Greg made it in just 6 months online.

That’s why, as part of my family legacy, we want to let you in on the McCarthy family secret of Commission Videos.

Fact is…
We Could Charge People $10,000 Just To Teach Them How To Make These Videos Yourself
There’s a saying that goes, “Teach a man to fish.”

Greg and I decided… “We’re just going to give you the fish.”

Then, you know what?

If you want to know how to make these Commission Videos yourself?

You can reach out to us and you can pay us thousands of dollars to show you how to make them yourself.
My Guess Is… You Just Want The Damn Video
  • Without the blood, sweat, and tears that went into making it.
  • Without getting on video and recording them yourself.
  • Without going through the massive learning curve I had to master the process.

Step 1: Click the button and order now.

Step 2: Place your Commission Video anywhere on your site.

Step 3: Watch your commissions spike.

It’s that simple.
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I have sent some of my old students their way in the past and the results were jaw-dropping.

In their bonus coaching session, they’ll show you how to put your affiliate business on steroids using something called The Commission GPS.

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If you’re still seeing this message about it, then it means the Commission GPS Coaching Session bonus worth $97 is still available… that the coaching session has not happened yet… and there’s still time to get your foot in the door.

When you order your Commission Video now, you’ll get the Zoom details for Commission GPS.

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